This event is brought to you by

Japanese Student Association at CMU

and the

Japan@CMU (J@CMU) Alliance

at Carnegie Mellon.

The Japan@CMU Alliance, founded in 2012, is an alliance held by the five Japan-related organizations on campus. Members include the Japanese Student Association, Vermillion Anime Club, Japanese Cooking Club, Cosplay@CMU and Origami Club.

This year, we were able to cooperate through this alliance in hosting the biggest Matsuri event so far. Major financial contributions were made by the Japanese Student Association.

View details of the participating organizations below:

Japanese Student Association

Japanese Student Association (JSA) aims at providing Carnegie Mellon students, community and beyond with opportunities to experience the unique, rich traditions and exciting modern cultures of Japan. We are a student organization comprised of an executive office, board members, and general body members. We hold on average one event per month for the public, and various events for those in the association. Join our organization on the Bridge if you want to hear more about us!

Learn more about us here.

Vermillion Anime Club

Remember Pokemon? Like awesome stuff? Play video games? Have eyes? Then you should seriously, for your future, consider joining us at Margaret Morrison 103 Breed Hall every Saturday night from 6:30 PM to 11:00 PM for our weekly Vermillion meetings. We watch Japanese animation, talk about world things, appreciate stuff, conventionize whatnot, and make awesome. Sounds interesting? Check us out at our website here! Make your way to Vermillion city! For your future, I guarantee it!

Japanese Cooking Club

Japanese Cooking Club is a cultural club dedicated to cooking Japanese cuisine. We strive to provide students with a wholesome, cultural, and interactive experience about Japanese cooking beyond the few stereotypical dishes that most students know about. Come and enjoy delicious food! Contact:


Cosplay@CMU aims to unite students who are interested in the art of "cosplay" (costume-play), which involves the representation of fictional characters through the creation and donning of costumes. We seek to promote a greater awareness of cosplay as an art form, as well as to inspire and enable others to create. Check out our Website and Facebook Group

Origami Club

Origami Club is a group devoted to practicing and spreading the ancient art of paper folding.